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Gemstone and Metal Properties


Agate ~ Strength, protection, good fortune, balance of the body, mind, and spirit; Used to treat headaches, dizziness and impaired balance. Perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awakening talents.


Amber ~ Helps to remove toxins. Soothes, calms, & purifies. Improves circulation. Helps to enliven the body's systems, nervous disorders, and thinking processes.  


Amethyst ~ Promotes self-control.  Relaxes austere emotions. Helps in meditation and sleep. Contributes to peace, calm, inner strength, and spirituality. Helps with general healing, circulatory problems, and immune system deficiencies.


Ametrine ~ A combination of amethyst and citrine (yellow quartz). Stimulates the intellect, inner peace, and optimism.  Strengthens the nerves; contributes to the supply of oxygen and encourages the healing process after serious illnesses.  


Aquamarine ~ Helps boost the immune system. Encourages optimism and creative expression of ideas. Promotes optimism, courage, good fortune, peace, inner strength, and protection. Helps to alleviate fluid retention, and headaches.  

Aventurine ~ Signifies patience and tranquility.  Helps to calm and balance emotions. Fosters a positive outlook. Associated with strong healing, soothes headaches, vision, sleep disorders, and the circulatory system.


Brass ~ Associated with wealth, protection, and healing.

Bronze ~ An alloy consisting of mostly copper with tin added. Similar properties as copper. Additionally the tin component helps to put feelings into words. Tin also fosters enthusiasm and tolerance.


Chalcedony ~ Considered a sacred stone among Native American tribes. Associated with love, kindness, and goodwill. Contributes to emotional and mental stability.


Citrine ~ Associated with restfulness and warmth. Helps to boost confidence. Creates a sense of personal empowerment. Combats stress and depression and stimulates the metabolic processes of the liver, stomach, duodenum and pancreas.  Has a detoxifying effect and strengthens the immune system and circulatory system. Citrine was used by Greeks and Romans as a protective talisman during the 1st and 2nd centuries.


Copper ~ Anti-microbial properties. Releases tension and frustration. Enhances brain function. Helps cramping associated with menstruation. Copper promotes cell growth, cell respiration and pigmentation of hair and skin. Effective in reducing temperature, and inflammation. Detoxifying.


Coral ~ Strengthens the heart, circulation and bones. Balances and steadies the emotions. Beneficial for the treatment of circulation and blood disorders.  Enhances fertility and the drive to satisfy desires.

Fluorite ~ Supports healthy bone tissue and physical structures of all organs. Helps to master physical skills and improve dexterity and balance. Encourages a sense of self-worth. Facilitates assimilation of ideas and awareness.

Fossil Stone ~ Associated with the improvement of an individual’s environment and communication. Fosters innovation and helps to abandon old habits.


Garnet ~ Associated with love, passion, and intimacy. Helps to remove negativity. Accelerates the healing processes. Contributes a warm energy that helps fight cold, sluggish, or damp disease states.


Gold ~ Fosters love, faithfulness, and creative thinking. Balances the brain and nervous systems. Strengthens the immune system. Contributes to a sense of self, self-worth, and self-confidence. Stabilizes the electrical system of the body. Gold also enhances the healing properties of stones.

Hematite ~ Boosts self-esteem. Energizes all aspects of mind and body. Supports the blood and circulatory system. Reduces Inflammation. Grounds and anchors individuals.


Howlite ~ Encourages awareness, calm emotional expression, observation, patience and eliminates negativity.


Jade ~ Increases a sense of belonging. Enhances the ability to act appropriately and effectively. Promotes relaxation at a deep level and accelerates the healing processes. According to Chinese tradition jade is symbolic of the virtues of humanity that include courage, modesty, compassion, justice, and wisdom.


Jasper ~ Helps to ground and focus on practicalities in life. Encourages enthusiasm and drive. Nurtures any damaged areas of the body, aiding recovery and repair.


Labradorite ~ Aids in helping to deal with other people’s difficult emotions and moods. Encourages openness to new ideas and opportunities. Helps to reduce stress and anxiety.


Lapis Lazuli ~ Dates back about 5,000 years and was cherished by pharaohs in ancient Egypt. Draws anxieties to the surface. Aids communication and meditation. Provides insight and clarity. It was also used in its powered form for paintings, cosmetics, and medicines. This stone was associated with curing melancholy and recurring fevers. Supports the throat and upper chest areas.   

Malachite ~ Encourages and strengthens in difficult circumstances. Locates and corrects emotional imbalances. Relieves pain and helps with recovery after exhaustion. Promotes the development of new ideas. Absorbs environmental pollutants.


Mookaite ~ Creates a sense of safety for exploration. Allows intense spiritual experiences to be integrated into everyday life. Fosters goal attainment in a relaxed and practical way.

Moonstone ~ Stabilizes the emotions and releases tension. Enhances intuition and imagination.

Balances the body’s blood and lymph systems. Relieves menstrual cramps and stress-related indigestion.  

Moss Agate ~ Facilitates communication and understanding.  Releases pent-up emotions. Increases optimism. Boosts one’s sense of their own potential. Helps to relax and open up congested or constricted areas in the circulation of blood or lymph.


Mother of Pearl ~ Symbolic of innocence, faith, and charity.  Aids in mental clarity, intuition, sensitivity, imagination, and adaptability. Promotes healing.


Obsidian ~ Aids in bringing hidden issues, emotions, and traumas that cause illness to the surface. Promotes intuition. Grounds and protects against negative influences. Rebalances the digestive system.  

Onyx ~ Aids in increasing self-control, decision-making, and conquering challenges. Encourages introspection. Concentrates energy while helping to cleanse and purify. Increases stamina and promotes wound healing.


Opal ~ Many different varieties of opal offer an array of healing benefits associated with emotions such as clarity of mind, recovery after emotional upset, and stabilizing mood swings. Rainbow like qualities of the stones contributed to the opal being a symbol of hope for some Ancient Romans


Pearl ~ Represents purity, faith, charity, innocence, integrity, sincerity, spirituality, focus, and wisdom.  Reduces worry, anxiety, and frustration. Balances the emotions and helps create tolerance. Regulates glandular function and optimizes assimilation of nutrients.

Peridot ~ Helps to strengthen personal identity. Associated with warmth, friendliness, understanding, and openness in love and relationships. Serves as a protective shield. Restores emotional balance. Removes toxins from the body.



Pewter ~ A metal alloy that consists of mostly tin with the remainder consisting of either copper, antimony, or bismuth. Was used in the ancient world by Egyptians and Romans. Good for headaches and lung ailments.


 Rock Crystal ~ Also known as clear quartz or crystal quartz.  A power stone that amplifies and strengthens the whole aura. Cleanses and shifts energy. Releases blocked emotions and helps to bring about calm. Increases clarity of thought and sharpness of perception. Brings spiritual peace. Considered as a master healer.


Rose Quartz ~ Releases emotional stress. Promotes love, peace happiness, and gentleness. Supports the circulatory system and fosters fertility. Also associated with relieving headaches, sinus problems, throat problems, depression, and addiction.


Ruby ~ Produces feelings of confidence, security, enthusiasm, and self-esteem. Balances the heart, both subtly and physically.


Sapphire ~ Stimulates the higher mind. Increases powers of personal expression. Calms, regulates, and reduces tension in the solar plexus created by fear and anxiety. Balances the endocrine system and minimizes overactive energies.


Serpentine ~ Calms and stabilizes the mind. Heightens perception. Good for meditation and integrating harmonious states of awareness. Enables absorption and us of life-energy throughout the body. Associated with aiding parasitic infections, cellular regeneration, balancing female hormones, and the production of milk in nursing moms.


Silver ~ Encourages clear insight and intuition. Helps mental balance. Eases the flow of energy in the body and clears out impurities. Eases difficulties with movement. Alleviates nerve twitches. Prevents infections and improves fertility.

Smoky Quartz ~ Calms the mind and focuses its thoughts. Centers and grounds us. Aids with menstrual cramps, fertility issues, and water retention.


Sunstone ~ Energizes and encourages artistic skill and expression. Nurtures a sense of self-worth and promotes a positive self-image. Alleviates phobias and fears. Aids with general health and physical energy.


Tiger’s Eye ~ Encourages contact with other people. Builds confidence. Releases stuck or congested states. Soothes both mentally and physically. Aids with healing wounds, bruises, digestion issues, and the reproductive system.


Topaz ~ Helps to stabilize emotions. Increases motivation and confidence. Harmonizes all layers of subtle energy. Releases physical tension. Aids with poor appetite, tissue regeneration, and the endocrine system.


Turquoise ~ Neutralizes environmental negativity. Cools emotions and calms overactive thoughts. Enhances intuition. Strengthens all organs and balances all the subtle systems. Considered a master healing stone and aids with all health issues in general.